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Portal Help

Account Help

Computer and Browser Compatibility

Patient Portal is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. It is currently supported by several browsers including:

  • Internet Explorer (version 6 or above required)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera

If your browser does not support the portal, you must either use another browser or install the supported browser. You may need to upgrade your existing browser in order to access the portal if the browser version is outdated. Some features in the portal may not work due to the browser version.

Technical Issues

If you are experiencing technical difficulties in the portal, please let us know immediately. You can contact us through secure messaging in the portal or call us at 478-275-0792. We will resolve the technical problems with the portal as soon as possible.

Portal FAQ

How do I get my PIN to sign in to Patient Portal?
The PIN is listed on the letter that you received from the practice. You can contact us to receive the letter from the mail or our office to get the PIN and register your portal account. 

How do I reset my password?
Click on the 'I forgot my password' link. Enter your user ID or email address to receive hint questions. Answer the hint questions to receive the temporary password from your email. Enter your user ID and temporary password to reset your password. If you are unable to answer the hint questions, contact us by phone, and we will send you the temporary password.

Is my information secure?
Yes. Safeguarding your information is a priority for us. To ensure security of our personal information, we use industry standard encryption to prevent unauthorized access to data. 

What browser can I use to access the website?
Portal access requires Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.0 (or above). Other supported browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari can also be used to access patient portal.

How long do you respond to a submitted form or message?
The submitted forms and messages will be responded in within three business days. You will receive a response to your forms or message from us through the secure messaging inbox. If you did not receive a response in three or more days, contact us to let us know.

Why do I get logged out after inactivity for 15 minutes?
You will be automatically logged out of the portal after 15 minutes of inactivity due to security reasons to protect your privacy. You will need to retype your password to resume your portal activity. 

What can I do if I keep getting an error message when accessing a page or submitting a request?
You will have to contact us when you are having problems performing a task. The errors are mostly caused by technical difficulties in the portal. We will have the technical problems in the portal fixed as soon as possible.